Atwaters  of  Stephentown




This is a profile of an American family.

While the story began in England long ago and came to the Colonies in 1637, this part of the story is of a family that settled in Stephentown, grew to fairly large numbers and has shrunk to be almost non-existent.

For over 100 years there was an area in the town of Stephentown, hamlet of Garfield, where a family by the name of Atwater lived and flourished. The size of the family caused the area to be known informally as Atwaterville.

Unfortunately, the latest generations have produced few Atwaters.  Gradually, Garfield Atwaters moved to other parts of town and other parts of the country.  Most of us feel, however,  no matter our last names, and wherever we may be,  the heart of our  family was and will be until we have all left this earth, in  Atwaterville.

At the present time, some Atwater descendents still live in Atwaerville, although only one carries the name. We who still survive wish to ensure that the few who follow us do not travel through this life without the knowledge of the deep roots that ground them wherever they may find themselves.

We also want to honor those fine men and women who came before us because they were good hard working, and sometimes hard playing, people of which any family could be proud.